Efficiently maintain communication with your clients.

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How it works

PropertySMS allows you to maintain a consistent flow of highly personalised, relevant communication with your contacts.

When the time comes for one of your contacts to sell their home, our easy-to-use technology will ensure that you are the agent they think of first. We collect property sales information from multiple sources, and use that data to generate sms text messages on your behalf. When a sold home is located within close proximity of a property that is owned by your contact, we construct an sms to notify your contact about the sale. The text is personally addressed to the contact, kindly telling them the sale price of the nearby property, the number of beds & baths it had, and in some cases, the text will even tell them the distance between the recipient's address and the sold property.

After being diligently notified of nearby real estate sales, the contact will perceive you as highly organised and well-informed about their neighbourhood. Your chances of getting their eventual business is increased dramatically.

You just open your PropertySMS app, and generated text messages are waiting for you to send, with the simple tap of a button. The messages arrive as a standard SMS from you, so any replies will always go to you.

We collect some information from you about your natural style of writing text messages, so although our messages are semi-automated, they are authentically yours.

PropertySMS is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Amazing Features

Change the way you work and keep your clients in the know.

Stay top of mind

We make it quick and easy to make contact with your future clients on a regular basis. When the time comes for them to call an agent, you're the obvious choice.

Takes just seconds

We generate the messages automatically for you with no typing required. All you need to do is tap send and the messages will be delivered!

Provides relevant info

People want to know what their neighbours' properties have sold for. Unlike generic e-newsletters or annoying junk-mail, provide information your clients actually want to receive.

Highly personalised

Each message will refer to the recipient by name. In many cases, the message even states the distance between the recipient's house and the sold property.

Be a local expert

Over time, you become an expert of the local neighbourhood. SMS messages are only generated when the sold property is near the contact’s home or investment.

Constant professionalism

Property sales are always happening. By notifying people about these sales, you become the agent who is always at the top of your game.


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PropertySMS is proudly partnering with SPUR, a location technology hub, powered by Landgate.

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