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Important Things To Keep in Mind While Selling A Home

Important Things To Keep in Mind While Selling A Home

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Important Things To Keep in Mind While Selling A Home

So, finally you have decided to sell your home. It is one of the biggest decisions because your emotions are involved in it. If you have never sold any property before in the Australian real estate marketv, then you need expert guidance and advice. The process can be quite complex. Make sure you maximise the visibility and attract prospective buyers of your home. For that, you need to present the property in the best possible manner. Here is a list of important tips that will help you sell a home at the best price.  

  1. Preparation is Important

You should inspect the property and fix the damages  to increase the chances of selling it quickly. Whether it is a leaky tap or a broken door, make sure you fix it as soon as possible. Also, hire professionals and clean up the entire house to maintain the interiors as well as exteriors, paint the walls, etc. According to some experts, fixing damages and sprucing up the property thoroughly can boost the overall look and feel of the house. It can encourage potential buyers to see positive aspects of your home and make a decision quickly. Also, research the latest sales in the local market to get a better idea of the selling price that you want to achieve.

  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

You can ask your friends, family and colleagues to find a reliable real estate agent in the local area. Once you have a shortlist, line up for an interview and find the best one. They can help you in finding potential buyers for your home in this competitive real estate market. The best part about real estate agents or managers is that they understand your specific selling requirements, latest market trends and have a huge database of people who are interested in buying a residential property in a particular location. So, they can make your home selling journey easy and also assist you in the due diligence.  
  1. Choose a Sales Method & Set a Price

There are two types of sales methods: Private Treat and auction. You can take guidance from you real estate agent so that you can opt for the most suitable option depending on your needs and current market trends. They can also help you know the worth of your property and set an asking price or set up a guide price for an auction . This step is crucial to know the right selling price for your home. Make sure you  follow this and set a price if you want to make the most of this process.    
  1. Finalise the Agency Agreement

The agency agreement is a written contraction between you and the real estate agent. It will help you know the exclusive rights to sell your homev and their fees.  Plus, signing the agreement can save you from unwanted disputes with your real estate agent and you can freely promote your house for a quick sale.  
  1. Prepare the Sale Contract and Vendors Statement

The vendors statement is a legal document which includes the mortgage on property and any covenants that would hinder what the property owner can do with it. You need to hire a solicitor to prepare the contract of sale. This includes the title documents, a current planning certificate, and drainage diagram.  
  1. Secure a Sale

  Private Treaty In a private treaty sale, you and the buyer exchange the signed copies of the contract of sale, and the buyer pays a deposit.   Auction If you are selling by auction, the buyer who bids the highest price will finalise the deal. If bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price, your property is passed in- this means you are option not to sell the property. However, sale may be negotiated and you need to secure it by signing the contract.  


These are some great tips that will help you know the right process of selling a house in Australia at the best price. You can do thorough research and invite potential buyers for your property.    

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