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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Online Platform for Home Buyers and Sellers!

We are committed to streamline the house buying and selling process using cutting-edge technologies.

At PropertySMS Services, We are proud to provide local real estate market intelligence to investors, home buyers and sellers in the residential sector. Our online portal offers proven expertise across all the residential property sectors, including affordable and luxurious homes by incorporating detailed information for great outcomes. You can seamlessly access residential property guide, advice and details on different properties in different cities or suburbs before finalising your decision.

Get In-sights of Properties

As a registered user with PropertySMS Services, you can gain access to important information related to the residential properties you need all in one place. This will help potential home buyers to get insights, including the key features, neighbourhood, price and other details before getting into the buying process.

A User-friendly Interface

Our web portal gives you an opportunity to explore different types and sizes of residential properties in Australia. You can easily navigate the pages, get insight details, key locations, and home loan options in a simple and intuitive manner. It is an ideal platform where buyers and sellers can get explore before buying and selling residential properties.

Refine Your Quest

We give you the flexibility to refine your quest with relevant keywords on our online portal in addition to the type of property and the cost. Our website also offer map services for specific locations if you are planning to buy a certain property.


Our online property portal is best known for sending customised messages depending on specific needs or queries. Each message will refer to the recipient by name. The best part is that the distance between the house of recipient and the sold property is properly mentioned in the message.

Quick and Easy

We make it super easy and quick to contact potential home buyers and sellers via the application. When the right time comes to call an agent, you will be the first choice. Home buyers can also discover properties and get all details related to the residential real estate market and latest trend in Australia.


Selling a home in Australia is one of the cumbersome processes. If you want to become an agent in your locality, then join our web portal. By notifying people about the property sales, you become the one who can communicate and create a bridge between buyers and sellers.

Our Expertise

Easy to Use Analytics

Our experts can simplify your property decisions because we offer a single platform to home seekers, property sellers, and real estate professionals. Web users can make the most out of property analytics and contact the sellers for well-informed decision making.

Areas we Cover

We have a robust team of professionals who will give you detailed information on residential properties across Australia including, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and their surrounding suburbs.

Community Management

Our company takes pride in managing the wide community of property sellers, buyers and real estate agents so that they can work seamlessly without a hint of stress.

Make Right Property Decisions with Us!

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